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To become a Dark Lord is no easy thing. The simple ambition to hold dominion over the world and bend all to your will sounds straightforward but it's not.

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The Prospect boasts several segment-leading features such as the large field of vision, the innovative lens-lock system and. Barcia, 27, has trusted Scott since he was a major hit in the amateurs and then again for the last half a decade for his Pro career; one of several high-profile athletes for the firm on U. Are you picky about the face foam? I have a good amount of foam but, honestly, I just run a normal stock Prospect. Which is kinda weird I suppose! If there is a lot of sand at a race then I like some Vaseline on the edge of the goggles to catch.

It would be cool if somehow we could ditch tear-offs or roll-offs altogether. Some kind of magic that meant you never had to take your hands off the bars. I think the important thing with goggles it to make sure that they seal [to your face] well and Scott have been around for such a long time that they have it figured out.

Do Scott use you much for testing or for trying new things? Of course. Having said that the goggles these days are so advanced: the biggest thing seems to be open vision and having as much of it as possible. You can only go so wide with a goggle to ensure it fits the helmet. An expressive and open character, Cianciarulo has much to feel buoyant about in so far. Got back on the bike and raced the Geneva Supercross at the end of and knocked myself out and did the shoulder again. Got back and raced five Outdoors and then did the other shoulder. Then going into I broke my ankle and my wrist.

There are some sicknesses in there as well…. In I got through Outdoors but I was re-building myself. I really feel I restarted my career in Growing up I had a lot of things go right for me. I was in a super-fortunate position, although I think. I had the same as everybody else. I came from a middle class family and was able to do well by winning a lot of races. I was doing a lot of training and I was tired a lot of the time. I think it was something that held me back mentally. I was getting hurt a lot and rushing back. I was getting too far ahead of myself and it would lead to some other mistakes.

It was a tough little period. It takes pressure off. So those moments allow you to realise that you are lucky to be able to do it. But because of what you have been through do you feel a little panicky or edgy with it being so close for the championship? In Supercross rarely do you see a championship won without some adversity here or there.

It is almost second nature to me and some of my best races ever happened that way: if I felt my back was against the wall I was able to put some of my best performances forward. When you see what happened to Joey Savatgy in Las Vegas a couple of years ago…it is never really in the pocket until the flag flies and it must be hard to ignore that fact… Yeah, I have to be mentally. Instead of being on such broad terms as a championship. You have to isolate the race.

Do some of those bigger picture thoughts come into play during the final moments of a race? Would it be stupid not to even consider what position you hold and what it means?

No offence but perhaps there are not too many observant. You are a robot! It can almost give you a mental advantage if people believe nothing can worry you. The riders want to look a certain way to other riders as much as they might want to in the eyes of the fans. We all liveand-die by it. You gotta own it. Is the smoke screen necessary these days? People can get such in-. He has a big following.

I think other riders are a bit quieter and just work. I think it is important to be open and show honesty. There is a fine line and you have to guard yourself sometimes. You have to have that bad-ass, tough-guy look a lot of the time. Take a rider like Eli Tomac who seems to be praised and criticised in equal measure. Just be you. It happens in other sports as well and I think it is easy to see when someone is trying to pull a fast-one.

Pro Circuit has been a constant since you were twelve but you had the supportdynamic with your family, you tried the Aldon Baker regime and now you are working with Nick Wey.

Have you finally found the green pasture you needed? I feel like I am in a really good place right now and I could be for the rest of my career in terms of the people around me and what I am doing. It is crazy the growth I have had since I turned Pro. I have always been the type of guy that has deferred to people that I feel have more knowledge than me.

I was always the opposite, almost to a fault. I think I have surrounded myself with people. An example of a change or improvement? Hmm, just being out here in California. I had been in Florida in a lot over the course of my career: I grew up there and obviously did the Aldon thing. Maybe Ryan Dungey, with a few years to go in his career, was cemented and his technique was his technique and he was going to ride the same every day whereas I feel I am still developing and I had.

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I moved to within a couple of miles of my riding coach and really gave Nick the reins of my riding programme in terms of the schedule, the cardio, strength. He comes to the track with me every day and we are constantly working on stuff that can make me faster and more consistent and safer. I thought that was a big thing for me. How has Nick made the difference? Is it just about chemistry? Chemistry, and he has been through it.

Another thing he has really helped me with is the mental side. He is super-level headed. This sport. I wore emotions on my sleeve whereas now it is much more the same whatever happens on the weekend. Sure, you have a bit more spunk if you win but I realised you cannot sustain a career at a high level being so emotionally up and down and Nick taught me that. If you have a bad race you still need to be ready to go again on a Monday and you cannot do that if you are still down in the dumps about the weekend.

The mental side has been the number one thing for me…and reacting to the rollercoaster that is racing in general. People have seen you as funloving and outgoing so is this latest phase a case of getting more mature? Yeah, I have always taken the sport very seriously and given my all every time I am out there and people can see that. I think I have tried too much sometimes.

I think you chose the right word there because it has been about maturing and putting my energy into the right things. You reach a certain point — and it is funny to say this because I am 22 and I have another year of eligibility — but if I want a title then I have to win it now. It took me three months to train for supercross and I feel I am insanely better than what I was last year. I wanted some accountability.

Whether it is good or bad I want it to fall on me. I had to do something different. And in the past I would not have had the conviction to make my own decisions. Nick writes my strength programme which co-insides with my cardio and cycling and riding and the laps I make. So we are not guessing about too much of this or that. Did you ever have your head turned during the low moments?

There was no other option. I still roll with that. At one point I was overwhelmed and wanted to be done, completely. It can get you down in the dumps but you think back to those days now and… well, I am so far ahead now where I thought I would be at. It is a feeling I still carry with me. I will carry the same perspective. I also understand that not a lot of people get to be in this position and with a chance of a championship.

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I feel very lucky. A championship battle is what you dream of as a kid. A noisy sound from the straw You should have had a pick in the cup. Cianciarulo walked of titles and it is finally now to the coffee shop from his so close so what will success little apartment and is now in Las Vegas finally mean to heading back.

We watch the you? It would be huge person- sun-kissed but windy car park ally because of those low days outside and despite the batterI mentioned. I thought my ing over the years some of the dream was over. Also for the old teenage swagger is startpeople who have supported ing to return. Honestly two! I want to win Outdoors as well and hell, go to the Nations also.

It would mean the world…. The goggles boast decent ventilation ducks, double lens, a outrigger system comes on the Sniper model, a carry-bag and. Click to see more. But the Californian firm has much more going on with their lid range than merely the best aesthetic on the market. Can you give a bit of background? Was the motivation simply about having a better product or was there a big goal for safety? For us the main objective was definitely safety.

We have racers, kids [using the product] and there was an ultimate goal to try and make them safer. We looked at all aspects of the helmet and while nobody can determine how they will crash we were able to address wider aspects such as low, mid and highspeed types of crashes. We wanted to minimise the forces and trauma to the brain. So with all of the testing we did we found that EPS is still the best form of energy management material that you can use in a helmet to-date. We tested some other materials but we found the thicker the EPS in conjunction with other aspects of the shell really made a big difference in that minimisation of force.

Obviously you cannot make the helmet that big and want to keep it a reasonable size, so it was a combination of that and working with different densities of EPS with different pieces of the helmet. We split the EPS into three parts. That was one aspect in terms of controlling linear-type impact to the brain and then rotational forces; that is another hot topic that everyone is interested in and rightly so.

There is a lot of brain trauma sustained in the first milliseconds of impact. It is an interesting time for helmet development, particularly off-road, with ideas and experiments going on. Is that tricky for the company because it can have big cost implications: do you follow your own theories or align with others? It gets expensive testing all the helmets, and then with the factories that we have in Asia making all the samples, playing with the different shell materials and different thicknesses and the EPS density: there is a combination there.

We want to be proud of every helmet and to say that we have done something good for safety. There is linear impact, rotational impact and the breakaway aspect — we changed our visor screws to plastic now instead of titanium or aluminium because they shear-off easier — we also address impact to the chin bar area. It was something above-and-beyond the usual testing standard that we were able to implement ourselves. How does it work with the vendor and manufacturer in Asia?

How close is that fabrication process? We have been working with one of them now for over twenty years and the original D2 mountain bike helmet back in the days. There are other brands over there in the same factory so we make sure we are very careful and do not divulge anything new we are working on. We respect that. TLD helmets are always going to look great but the list of impressive tech specs now is almost essential if the prod-. Obviously our brand is known for art and graphics and cool colours but for us we want it to be much more than that.

Especially in the age today of increased research and the spotlight on concussions — not only in our sport but also in hockey and football — and I think people are much more aware of that now. As we learn more and the technology evolves we have to stay up with it. What about the way to educate the rider and the consumer that Troy Lee Designs can actually offer much more than the latest eye-catching design? Can that be tricky? Yes, it has been challenging and we have put a focussed effort on that. We want them to know that it is the whole package. What you are paying less for is maybe things like different materials.

Even with the injected plastic shell it still performs really well because of that EPS and the breakaway visor. As far as consumers go then, as we said, it is a challenge getting the message across because they receive get a lot of information and marketing from a number of brands and might not necessarily know what to believe about what they should buy.

From the last few years and what we are seeing now I think it is an exciting time because we are learning from each other but also other sports and brands where millions of dollars are going into concussion testing and research. Ultimately it is pushing safety better and higher. Where will it all go for TLD? Will you eventually devise your own system or is something like MIPS the standardbearer?

We are constantly looking at better ways to do things. For rotational forces we are working with MIPS quite closely and they have a lot of plans for the future and how they are improving their system. We are looking at that with them and have our own ideas. For the other parts of the helmet we are looking at other fields for different shell materials…things like Formula One racing and aerospace technology and things like that which could help us make new ground with energy absorption or shell performance.

The 29 year old is no stranger to these pages thanks to a diverse career that has taken him from the lows of lonesome rehab sessions in Europe to the immaculate highs of multi-title success on American dirt. He is also one of the most popular racers on the scene with a fondness for other disciplines, a grounded and humble personality and a real appreciation for fans and the family life. Now his capability is under scrutiny: can he cut-it in another division? Describe the sensation of doing a SX Main Event compared to the s? Obviously I was hampered by the injury press season because I was at a great level.

I think one of the toughest. The biggest difference has been starting over at ground zero in terms of confidence and this-andthat whereas in the s I had a certain amount of form and dominance in the class. I knew I could go out and feel comfortable and fast on the bike and I was so at-home with the setting I had for the last two years. With the every weekend I feel like I am starting-over and trying to find form and find my lines, finding the track and getting the whoops down.

What about the riding itself? Do you need another dimension of aggression and respect? As far as the bikes go if you ride the correctly then it is very simple. When I feel like I am forcing it, overrevving or pushing too hard into the corners and getting a feeling that the suspension is too stiff then all those little details feel magnified because of the weight and torque and what-have-you. Do you ever miss the ? Yeah, I do.

For all those wins and memorable races on the will a podium eclipse all that? As ing lines? The names and gas-up into the whoops. It was intimidated then not really. You can never take your actually is getting people to guard down with the The first With a you can get away one was very tough: It was with more things but this bike with [Ryan] Dungey, we were is no joke. It was like trying to. Maybe a little bit more than I thought. I like that, and obviously my story is a little bit different to most. With Tyla [Rattray] it was cool to hear the difficulties in coming from South Africa and reach the position of world champion.

What about the process of getting on the other side of the interview? You must have done hundreds and hundreds over the years so have an orientation for how you want to do it… Yeah, I tell every guest before I push record if there is. There are easy and hard ways to do it. I always felt like I had to fight for every millimetre. So it is nice to have something that has a bit more power and I can rely on my talent a bit more and enjoy the ride a little bit. It was good to put those boundaries in and I like to have those respected.

Keep it more like bench-racing. Lastly, who would be a top three of guests? From our sport…I guess Mitch [Payton] because he is such an icon of this whole deal and everything we have done as a sport. He has been an intricate part. Prices for adults vary depending on each round. Follow the link to see the full gamut of provisions and costs. Three races in, and the MotoGP season is already putting on quite a show.

Three different winners on three different bikes, and four riders within nine points of each other at the top of the championship. Ducati, Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki all have bikes capable of winning again, and both Aprilia and KTM are far more competitive than they were last year. He is 40 points behind in the championship, rather than near the top. All the above has distracted from the performance of what we expected to be the best rookie dispute in several years. Reigning Moto2 champion Pecco Bagnaia came in and blew everyone away on the Pramac Ducati at the Sepang test, ending that outing second fastest behind factory Ducati man Danilo Petrucci.

Joan Mir has been within a couple of tenths of his Suzuki teammate Alex Rins since he jumped on the bike. With three races under their belts, a new hierarchy is starting to form among the rookies. Since racing started in earnest, he has been struggled toward the rear of mid-pack, unable to challenge for the top ten or even top five some had been predicting before the start of the season.

Bagnaia himself admits that the testing tracks flattered his results. The Qatar race came after a three-day test at the circuit, making his job that much easier. They started from scratch, and had to find a setup which worked for the race. Frenchman Fabio Quartararo has leapfrogged past Bagnaia and into the limelight.

The Petronas SRT Yamaha rider impressed at Qatar, qualifying in fifth, but was forced to start from pit lane after stalling his bike on the grid. He burned his rear tyre up charging to make up for lost ground, but learned a lot. Since then, Quartararo has been excellent, scoring two top-eight finishes, and passing straight to Q2 at all three rounds. Yet he is competitive, thanks in no small part to the tutelage of team manager Wilco Zeelenberg and rider coach Torleif Hartelman.

On the face of it, Joan Mir has been slightly disappointing but closer examination shows a huge amount of potential. Mir has struggled in qualifying, but then. And at Austin, after his ride through for a jump start, Mir had the pace to match the top eight. More is to come from Mir, for sure.

But I am probably most impressed with Miguel Oliveira. The fact that he is on a KTM makes it hard to compare his results to the other rookies however the Portuguese rider is already handily outperforming Johann Zarco, the rider KTM brought in to take the next step towards being competitive.

Oliveira is within touching distance of Pol Espargaro, who is spending his third season the RC And who would have predicted that at the end of ? What next? The roster was shrewdly made with both impressing with their speed and results through pre-season tests and through the first three rounds of the calendar.

Morbidelli renewed his stock after the uncertainty of his debut term in VDS colours also perturbed by injury but the Italian was still Rookie of the Year. Petronas Yamaha Sepang Racing Team have danced onto the asphalt at a merry pace.

At the fulcrum of that momentum has been former GP winner Zeelenberg. Morbidelli made a career-best finish of 5th two weeks ago in Austin while Quartararo reached the same distinction with his run to 7th in Texas and gave his team a bright introduction with that front row qualification performance in Qatar for the first round. Zeelenberg saw a different door open and opted to stride towards it. So I looked at it like that and went for it. There are politics, and this was something I wanted to change. After just three races it is hard to deduce whether Petronas Yamaha SRT are yet offering something different.

It might well take a full season to see if the camp can match the. There is a clear emphasis on youth and developing riders at Petronas Yamaha SRT that extends through their Moto2 and Moto3 set-ups as well but Zeelenberg is quick to state that the MotoGP team is not just about the chase of podiums and camera minutes. The way the crew want to work means a slightly alternative approach to the perception of a MotoGP racing project. The atmosphere and the work of the team is also determined by the riders and their characters and willingness; to-date the wonderment of Quartararo and the unfazed happy-golucky air presented by Morbidelli has been an assist.

We are a fresh team with some old faces and there are a lot of championships in our garage. We know what winning is, and it is very satisfying to start again with two young guys. We have nationalities in one unit. We are going in the right direction and it gives us positive energy. The Malaysian company is just forty-five years old but has grown from a firm that started with twenty people into a Fortune firm and a fifty-five thousand staff list.

Razli, Stigefelt and Zeelenberg may have an alternative image in mind for their flagship push but there is no escaping the size of the partner whose logo they bear. We have done that successfully with Mercedes for the last five years and we really hope to. Plus the two-wheel market, especially in Malaysia, is huge! This is the right platform to test the product. What we use on the race track goes into development for our customers.

Number one is to supply the racing fuel and lubricant for the team.

This requires a substantial amount of time and resources. We had great success in four-wheels but that does not guarantee success here. It is another challenge to ensure we develop that winning formula. It is about collaboration. We are not just a sponsor but a partner, so we have this constant communication with Yamaha. For us F1 is the epitome of technology and MotoGP is similar; it is the only category where we are able to develop the product. His standing within Yamaha and his connection with the Japanese as well as the symbiosis with technicians like Ramon Forcada cannot be underestimated but, perhaps, it is his work with the riding talent that will really make an impression.

Very kind with us, and I find myself speaking with him a lot of time, about bikes and about settings and about stuff. We know that we have just twenty laps per session on these bikes and it is not so much. It is early days but at the moment 10 out of As soon as you see something that can be better then their ears are open because they. I think we are quite lucky at the moment with Frankie and Fabio because they are sucking up our knowledge and they do that quite easily as well.

So he knows that. But I understand that he tries to bring stuff without bringing it, you know what I mean? He tries to suggest but in a good way, and in a good manner. This is his experience, and this is his knowledge, and I really love working with him. An unpredictable and expanding bubble of potential that threw-off the disappointment of failing to win a Grand Prix in Moto3 and the injuries he suffered and appears to be relishing his MotoGP chance. Petronas Yamaha SRT have bedded straight into the top ten: no mean feat when Aprilia and KTM have been striving with new teams to reach the same kind of possibilities.

But Zeelenberg is far too shrewd to left ambition fray any expectation. You always need to look and see who is around you and where the factory boys are. You saw in Qatar with Fabio stalling the engine: that is all nerves. The riders. While a new multi-national, cross-continental team could wobble as working processes need smoothing, progress is evidently coming quickly. Now he is quite calm and accepts everything that we ask of him.

He is quite easy-going. We made the right decision, and we knew after the first test that he will be in MotoGP for a couple of years because he was so fast so easily. Blazing sun one minute. Icy sheets of rain the next. That was until his rider — then 19 years old — began hovering a tissue over my left ear. Then he moved it to the right. And back again. At first I thought it was a fly, a mosquito, or whatever passes for airborne. Looking ahead, I patted it away. Then again. And again. Until the titters in the room made it clear Rins was taking the piss. I looked round to observe the same rider we see in front of TV cameras and press conferences today: big hair, big grin, big laughs.

Rins was happy-golucky, not taking life too seriously. Pons shook his head, mumbling something about me seeing what he had to put up with on a daily basis. The year was , a season in which Rins was touted as the man most likely to knock Johann Zarco off his Moto2 perch. There had been some spectacular performances along the way, not to mention some grit. But by late October his challenge was unravelling badly. There were untimely training injuries in the midst of it all, but a run of results during the.

No rider puts his bike on pole position in just his second ever GP, or climbs the podium in his second race in Moto2 without bucket-loads of talent. But did he have that unremitting concentration to lead a MotoGP factory and perform when the chips were really down?

Well, there are no such concerns now, after Rins confirmed his preseason of potential in what was somewhat fittingly his 34th MotoGP race. His win at the Circuit of the Americas was as assured as they come, observing Valentino Rossi up close before passing him and defending resolutely when the pressure was really on. The omens are good: not only was he the third rider to win a four-stroke premier class race for Suzuki;. Qualifying aside, there appears to be very few chinks in the RinsSuzuki armoury at present. But Suzuki has made great strides in other departments, too. For this, Rins deserves great credit.

In that time Rins has scored podiums in the heat of Sepang, Motegi and Austin, which contrasted the biblical rain of Valencia he also just missed out on third place in the nighttime Qatar cool by 0. For sure with big straights like in Qatar we will suffer a little bit, but I feel strong. All the team are giving me good vibrations, so this is nice.

And going off recent evidence, few are better at managing the rear tyre than Rins. Roberts joined Alpinestars staff in the small hospitality unit of the company whose presence was unmistakable around the confines of the sole American round on the Grand Prix slate. Roberts was a key, first ambassador for the firm hence the famous Yamaha U.

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The three times cc title winner also proved to be something of a soothsayer. The boot is made from a microfibre upper construction, ergonomic TPU shin protection that spreads and dissipate impact energy across the entire surface while remaining compact, a lightweight rubber sole and a replaceable polymer heel plate slider, that protects from impact and reduces friction in the event of a crash.

Er, no. You could never ride as hard as they do with the equipment I had! And be away. From my standpoint [Marc] Marquez probably comes closest to throwing the bike in and making it turn, which is what I tried to do. Oh absolutely. He should be in the rocking chair. I was thinking about this the other day and I believe Wayne Rainey would have followed in those footsteps…but the bikes in those days were a little more violent and it took a bit more of a toll on your body.

What are your thoughts of MotoGP? It has never been better. The talent of riders, the equipment: it is obviously the best show in the world.

Why is there not more [innovation]? I was ahead of my time without enough money to make it work. We had one of our three cylinders designed by Lotus and it was 10mph quicker on the straight at Barcelona but it would not stop. Book Format: Choose an option. Product Highlights Here is a series of absolutely indispensable tips for any businessperson about stuff that lots of people are Learn how NOT to deliver presentations, run meetings, conduct a negotiation, or schmooze at a networking event.

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